The Last Herd – Now available in paperback

Summer rides in Richmond Park, Edward and Tanya drive Roy and Aragon in Richmond Park

The Last Herd is a book and exhibition by multi award winning photographer Paul Stewart, that features a foreword my H.RH. The Prince of Wales, about the the last working herd of Shire Horses in London, .  In 1900 there were 40,000 shires in London alone and a million in the UK, now London’s last herd is the eight of The Royal Parks Shires. The Last Herd will shows a working season with these magnificent animals, as under the expert stewardship of the charity Operation Centaur,  they work with tourists, royalty, look after the agricultural work of parks and historic palaces and help with psychotherapy.

With all sales of The Last Herd items, 20 percent of any profits will go directly to conservation work with Shires, in the Royal Parks and Historic Royal Palaces.

To purchase the paperback edition of The Last Herd from the Great British Bookshop  HERE

Harvesting the meadow near Ham House. Tom Nixon drives Heath and Tom.

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